Starting Solids

Starting solids workshop.

After successfully helping hundreds of parents in our practice with starting solids, we’ve received many calls from far and wide from other parents wanting our help. This comprehensive but easy to follow online workshop is our answer to those calls.

We are paediatric dieticians, but firstly we are moms, so we know starting solids can feel scary and you can end up drowning in all the information out there. To help you with this, we chat about all the information you need to know in a series of short, easy to understand videos, that you can work through at your own pace.

In this workshop you will also receive our much talked about, detailed Starting Solids Calendar. This calendar takes you day by day, showing exactly when and how to introduce new foods. Parents love this calendar, as we do all the work for you in planning your next new food so that you end up with nutritionally well-balanced meals.

After this workshop you’ll know:

The signs of readiness to start solids

What age to introduce solids and why

What foods not to introduce

How to introduce allergy foods

The portions to feed your baby

How to provide balanced meals

How to lay down the foundation for a less fussy eater

Mindful Eating Paeds gave me the greatest advantage I could give my kids. The Starting Solids workshop gave me the confidence to ensure my kids ate well and became really good eaters at a time when I was too overwhelmed to even think of how to go about beginning the solids journey. It made my kids into the amazing eaters they are today and without it I would still be struggling to get my kids to eat a balanced sustainable meal.

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Starting Solids Calendar and Food List

After completing the workshop you’ll receive your detailed Starting Solids Calendar and Food List.

Choose the theme you love and start your solids journey.

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