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Intestinal disorders are often linked to the types of food we consume. Some of the intestinal disorders that we treat are Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns Disease, Diverticulosis, Ulcers, Heart burn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),  Food Intolerances and Short Bowel Syndrome.

Correct eating habits can either be used to alleviate symptoms or prevent complications from occurring. We at Mindful Eating- Dietitian Consultancy help to improve your nutrition in a practical and easy manner.


Insulin- Resistance-Diabetes


An essential component to Diabetes is your diet. Poor eating habits are capable of worsening the conditions whether a person is on medication or not. Medication and a healthy diet work as the best combination.

IR: If you are struggling to lose weight, have unusual weight gain, tend to predominantly store fat on your waist, or have increased aches and pains you may have IR and it may be worth visiting your dietitian.

Diabetes: If you have unusual weight loss, polyphagia (increased thirst), polyuria (increased urination), or episodes of hypoglyacaemia (decreased energy)  you may have signs of Diabetes. Get this checked out by a registered dietitian.



There are many of us in today’s world that endure an on going battle with our weight. Whether it be the need to lose weight, which it is in most cases, or even to gain weight.

The Dietitians at Mindful Eating understand that the journey to weight loss can be a difficult one. Thus, to make the process more manageable, we take the time and care to ensure each of our clients receive an individualized, healthy, realistic meal plan and menu, that fits into their lifestyle.

We will also provide invaluable support along the way, by monitoring motivational levels, rate of weight loss as well as provide guidance to help overcome any barriers that may be in the way of your weight goals.

Mindful Eating Paeds


Part of our Paediatric services include consulting at the Neonatal ICU and Paediatric Ward, on a daily basis at Linksfield Netcare Hospital. We also consult with out-patients at all Mindful Eating Practices in Bryanston, Linksfield and Brackenhurst. View our Mindful Eating Paeds page for more information.



As a car needs fuel, and grade of fuel decides performance, so we also require the correct fuel for optimal performance and peak adaptation during training and athletic events.

The three macro-nutrients our bodies require for fuel, being protein, carbohydrates and fat, need to be in the correct quantities to provide the greatest overall results.

Mindful Eating Dietitians design meal plans and menus that provide correct nutrients, at the correct time, in the correct amounts for optimal performance.



In the pursuit towards quality of life, the heart needs to be taken care of.  We need to ensure our cardiovascular systems are disease free, cholesterol free and that our blood pressure is controlled.

Complications of heart disease, hypertension and cholesterol include heart attacks, kidney disease and strokes. By being mindful of the foods you eat, you are taking a pro-active step to keep your heart healthy and helping to ensure quality of life.




Fertility & PCOS: PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is one of the most common endocrine disorders found in women. Most women with PCOS show ovulatory dysfunction which may lead to infertility.

Clinical features most commonly found in PCOS are weight gain, excessive bodily hair, irregular menstruation, acne and often cysts on the ovaries.

IR may often be an instigator for PCOS and thus by correcting diet aimed at regulating sugar levels, PCOS may be managed. Weight loss in women suffering from this syndrome can also better control PCOS and possibly increase fertility.

Pregnancy: Obesity during pregnancy can result in complications such as Gestational Diabetes and Pre-eclampsia (hypertension during pregnancy), as well as making weight loss after pregnancy more  challenging.

During pregnancy it is important not to deny your body of the essential nutrients required for the health of you and your baby, which can often occur due to incorrect dieting in pregnancy. Seek advice from your dietitian with regards to weight management during this time.





Gout sufferers  often complain of pain, swelling, stiffness and redness in certain joints of the body. The initial place for this type of pain is commonly in the big toe, but can also occur in other areas such as the ankles, wrists, knees, elbows and fingers.

Gout  is caused from the accumulation of a bodily waste product, called uric acid, around the joints or soft tissue. To control the levels of gout within the body, meal plans are designed to control portion sizes and food types capable of decreasing this waste product.




The liver plays a critical role in the digestion, absorption and storage of nutrients. The correct diet is thus essential in the prevention and treatment of any liver dysfunction.

In kidney dysfunction, the diet is a critical part of the overall treatment. If the correct foods are not consumed, at any stage of kidney damage, there can be serious consequences. Ensure you get help from the Dietitian in calculating a suitable menu for you.




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