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See what you are made of…

All of our Mindful Eating practices offer InBody composition analysis assessments.

What is InBody?

Ever wondered the following:

  • What is my exact body fat percentage?
  • What is my exact muscle mass composition?
  • What is my exact body fat mass composition?
  • Where exactly is my muscle and fat distributed in my body?
  • Is my BMI correct taking into consideration my muscle mass?
  • What is my target weight?
  • What percentage of my weight comes from water retention, protein and other minerals?

Mindful Eating InBody

How does it Work?

It’s a detailed analysis your dietician will do using this specialised machine. (Example of report below)


Who should do an InBody assessment?

  • Anyone who wants to know more about their body composition
  • Athletes building muscle and trying to reduce fat
  • Anyone tracking their weight loss or management


If you are interested, please contact Mindful Eating to book an appointment for your InBody composition analysis or ask for it to be included in your full nutritional assessment.